the nonconformist penguin and the Almighty Bob (newbia) wrote in metaquotes,
the nonconformist penguin and the Almighty Bob

Le Crack

First of all, you should check out because it's hilarious.

The actual conversation I wanted to quote is from this thread at scans_daily regarding an issue of Teen Titans.

evadne_: Well, you know. Sometimes Raven misplaces her soul. You know, like how I lost my car keys the other day.

What's better is when she infects Gar with her father's demon seed and he goes around trying to eat brains. Awwww. Wub.

gen_kun: Well it just makes sense when you explain it like that!

Haha, I'm getting some IMs about that. I think this might be a little too high-brow for me though. I might have to listen to some ICP or something to even everything out.

insanitykun: Well, getting possessed by your six eyed demon father multiple times and then being destroyed by your mother and some annoying telekinetic kid who goes around under an old sheet will make you a bit scatter brained :/.

It happened to me just last week!
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