"OK - I attack the darkness!" (_skye_) wrote in metaquotes,
"OK - I attack the darkness!"

Who can have too many burrito similes?

See, we have our fights and quarrels in the family, but blood's thicker than water.

Amen, brother.

I can back that up.

/me backs that thang up

Though admittedly, it does make my lust to be free (it's caused by the high school senior thing, I swear.)(as well as many family issues, granted, yeah, okay) make me feel like crap a lot :/

They really are good people with good intentions, but I'm feeling so... smothered. Like a burrito. Only less delicious.

If it makes you feel any better, I felt the same way at your age. I believe _skye_ did as well.

Oooooh yeah. Only I felt like a chimichunga.

(In this thread.)
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