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an ode, a eulogy, a farewell

by readallaboutit in her personal journal here.

I wish I could thank you Mildred
But I can't, because you're dead.

A sad day...
Mildred's dead.

I know to many that she was rather an unapproachable fish, aloof, even. But to those who knew and loved her, she was a fish without equal. She was a quiet, uncomplaining goldfish, soaking up all our bad karma without a second thought. I know if many of us had the chance, we would tell Mildred to take it easy. To take a day off from soaking up negative energy. Or that we'd go and radiate badness in another room. But we took her for granted much of the time. How many times did we come back from a crappy lecture, sit down and think, "I'm going to sit here until that fish has absorbed all of my irritability"? If Mildred could speak to us today, I'm sure she would say that we must take care of our fish, to cherish and love each special moment, because before long they will pass into the Great Treasure Chest in the Sky. And then it is too late.

Thoughts on Mildred:
Mildred, black fish.
Fish Mildred black.
Swimming swimming
Swim swim swim.
A tea strainer now holds
Your once-magnificent self.
The transience of life
So clearly defined
In one small tableau.
One day, you will drink tea.
The next, you float on your side.
Tea and death.
Death and tea.
Soaking up bad energy.
I wish I could thank you Mildred
But I can't, because you're dead.

Rest in peace.
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