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dimethirwen posts all about her her experiences in sex education and health classes.

Sometime later that week, we had a school sponsored "talk." It focused more on our bodies than sex itself, but was as mortifying as ever. The boys and girls were separated (naturally), and we were given little bags with deodorant, pads, and even a little tampon. We poked at the items curiously, as they set up "a video" for us to watch.

The premise was this: A girl goes to her friend's house to have a sleepover. During the night (oh, what are the odds?) she gets her period, and is forced to go to her friend's mother for "sanitary napkins" (this video had to be at least 20 years old). The next morning, as the group of girls gathers around the table, they ask Mrs. Johnson about the menstrual cycle.

"What is it?" They cry in wonder.

So to demonstrate, the mother takes the pancake batter that she is using and draws a diagram of the female reproductive system, in pancake batter, while describing the functions of the various parts.

Oh. Dear. God.


I didn't eat pancakes for a year.
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