i stepped out of a supernova (blue_ant) wrote in metaquotes,
i stepped out of a supernova

not really new, just different

From pretzelsaregood. A rewritten poem, of sorts, from Trainspotting.

Choose fandom. Choose a side. Choose a character. Choose a subtext. Choose a fucking big kerfuffle, choose secret messages, clothes, one true pairings, and digital image manipulations. Choose good-faith, high-stress, and location reshoots. Choose self-interested livejournal postings. Choose a fandom niche. Choose your friends. Choose tinhats vs. whitehats. Choose sekrit locked journals on friends-only in a range of fucking sub-fandoms. Choose fence-sitting and wondering why the fuck you're staying in fandom every morning. Choose sitting at that screen watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing power shows, stuffing fucking opinions into your head. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, posting your last in a miserable depression, nothing more than a washed-up old fandom queen to the selfish-fucked up newbies you've influenced to replace yourself.

The rest of it.
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