S Lynn (robling_t) wrote in metaquotes,
S Lynn

When Shakespeareans Attack

angevin2 and contributors have some tips for aspiring Shakespearean directors:

33. Also, I will not require Caliban to hump Stephano's leg while telling him about Miranda, no matter how big a laugh it will get.

55. I will not allow the King's ghost in Hamlet to look like a hairy popsicle.

128. Lady Macbeth doesn't start out the play insane. If she does, there's nowhere to go. It's called a character ARC!

133. 47 women in identical black wigs commuting on the train do not make good Three Witches.

161. If I must stage Macbeth in a modern setting, there is no reason to dress the Scottish nobles as Hare Krishnas, especially if I also arm them with machine guns.

165. At no time shall Romeo slap Tybalt with a fish. This is especially key during their confrontation in 3.1.

And it keeps on growing, and growing, and growing...
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