Etoile (etoilepb) wrote in metaquotes,

The Biblical Cable Modem

For anyone who's ever dealth with the Cable Company, here's humor from ilanalynn:

For the Lord COMCAST to hear thine pleas there are trials thou must pass - first, the trial of Anticipation, which bears upon all other trials. Second, the trial of Impatience, in which thou wilt surely wonder if there is not another Lord to which thou might appeal. ... The final trial is the trial of the Long Wait, for if thou thinkest thou hast seen waiting, thou hast seen nothing. For the Lord COMCAST shall speak unto thee, saying: 'I am COMCAST thy Lord. Yea verily, I shall send unto you a sorcerer of great power, and he shall come unto you between the hours of One and Five, and in that time thou must wait in thy dwelling for his appearance, for if thou leavest thy dwelling, thou shalt repeat the trials anew, and grave shall be thy countenance and foul thy mood for many days thereafter.

The whole post is in that vein. It amused *me*, anyway. :)
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