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Yoga in Middle Earth -- Search for the One True Pose!

supersloane details an...enlightening...yoga class:

Ok.... dude, we're in the middle of class. You are supposed to be serious and innerpeacy and stuff and you are squealing at me like I touched your nuts or something. Then I think again about how very Elijahesque this guy is and I just smile. After a moment or so, he realizes that he is actually supposed to be TEACHING and he goes back into instructor-mode. The class is barely challenging but he has these grandiose ideas about how flexible me and the 3 other woman in the room are suppossed to be.

In the middle of downward dog (not a terribly umm... modest pose), he comes up BEHIND me, puts his hands on my hips and pulls them UP. Dude....DUDE. Just....no.

Go here. Entire post is so funny I couldn't decide on a single quote.
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