Cavalorn (cavalorn) wrote in metaquotes,

Mike Mearls is enjoying Halo 2 a little too much...

You see, Halo 2 has a pair of new features. You can hijack an opponent's vehicle, and vehicles now take damage and eventually explode. In the original, only certain vehicles went kaboom.

Anyway, I'm mowing down guys on my Ghost, a sort of hover cycle with guns. I've been riding the thing all game, and it's shot utterly to hell. It's gonna blow at any moment. So, I slide next to a guy on the other team and sort of float there like a dude who eats nachos at every meal.

He pushes me off, hops on, and yells "I got your ride, bitch!"

As he peeled off, I riddled the near-dead Ghost with bullets, blew it up, and capped him as he flew through the air. I then proceeded to jump up and down on his corpse and yell back "How you like my ride NOW? Huh? HOW YOU LIKE IT?"

- mearls
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