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ME: Oregon was flaaat. Like it was so flat.
MOM: No, it was not flat.
ME: It was too, there was way too much sky and everything was flat flat flat. It's weird, I feel like it's flat whenever I'm anywhere strange. Like it was flat in New Jersey, and Colorado . . .
DAD: Yeah, that's what Colorado is famous for. Flatness. It lacks mountains. Especially the rocky kind.
ME: I hate you all.

At Reed

ME: It's a swingset! I am in love.
MOM: If all you want is a swingset, I will endow your school with one, I promise, please do not go and make your choice based on a swingset.
ME: Like I would do that? Aha? Ha? . . . ha?

--schiarire and parents go to Oregon.
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