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If you metaquote RP, do you have to give the muns' real names?

In this discussion over on sages_of_chaos, bastard_john Constantine refers to the lack of subtlety of people who invite one to look at their gun collection. This makes Frank "The Punisher" Castle a sad panda.

subtle_guns: Now you're pissing me off.

bastard_john: Pissing people off is a talent of mine. I've been havin' a run of insanely good karma lately. [Note: the links go to accounts of wild monkey shagging with Selena Kyle and are definitively not work safe.] Figured getting you mad would balance that out before the demon king of dodgy pension policies tried possessing my left testicle or something.

subtle_guns: SELENA?! *appreciative whistle*

What did you do, Spell Checker? Hire a publicist and wage a fierce campaign if [sic] misintel to get her submit to your charms?

I feel a huge load off my burly shoulders around you, Constantine, because there is not enough bad karma in the entire universe to spill over onto anyone but you.

The whole thing's good, but that's the real highlight. [EDITED 8:07 PM to add a bit of italics I forgot.]

EDITED AGAIN 8:15 PM to add John-mun's confession:
"in all fairness, I am quoting some of Warren Ellis' words from the end of the "Haunted" story arc."]
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