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spritelydelight: Yes, space-time is delicious. Esp. with cherry syrup. ^_^

pstindustrialst: cherry syrup!?!??!?!?!?

my space time doesn't come with cherry syrup


spritelydelight: That's because you didn't ask the waitress for any, duh! You have to ask...^_^ The butter pecan is good, too.

ronwe: They charge you extra if you ask the waitress. The trick is to bring your own. I'm rather fond of the blood of the innocents, myself...

pstindustrialst: OOOH!!! another person who loves the blood of the innocents..


i like to use my BotI as a nice side dish to my Roasted Souls of the Damned stuffed with The Ancient Gods Rising and Knowledge No Man Should Know.

it's actualy quite good.

--from the comments in this post in my journal.
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