surrealistic odes to lobster rolls (mordecai) wrote in metaquotes,
surrealistic odes to lobster rolls

The other day at work there was a stuffed Fluffy on my register and this woman comes up with her two children, who look to be in their early teens, and starts eyeing the dog warily and since Fluffy has been sparking mildly entertaining Harry Potter-related conversations all day, I say, in my infinite brilliance, "Oh, that's Fluffy from Harry Potter." And she gives me a Look. And, in my infinite obliviousness, I say, mostly toward her children, "Have you read the books?" And they just shake their heads 'no.' No speaking, nothing, totally stone-faced. And so I say, "Aw, you're missing out." And the woman says, quite righteously,"I don't think so." And then she plucks her books from the basket she had resting on the ground and puts them on my counter and they're all on the Christian way and following in God's image. So, I've offended my religious zealot for the week. Have you done your part?
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