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Lj Cut and gotten with permission (It was a friends only post):

From the beautiful giganticmanic:

I don't know about some people, but I'm getting damn tired of so-called "straight" guys making bullshit claims. Like this morning, I was listening to the radio, and I heard the DJ or host or whatever say he would never, ever have sex with a man, but that if a man paid him one million dollars or more, he would do him on the Thanksgiving table, in front of his own family.

Fuck that. Let's cut the bullshit. If you're willing to have a change-of-preference for a million dollars, you'll do it for a cheap dinner and intoxication of your favorite alcoholic beverage or controlled substance, you'll love it, and then you'll forget about it the next day, until the next time your girlfriend, wife or favorite whore doesn't satisfy you enough or as good and then you'll be back for more man-sex.

I was into both women and men most of my adult life, then I made the jump to the rainbow side of the force in the early 90's. Some guys really do know what they want, stay focused, and meet the woman they need. But most straight men nowadays get married because they knocked up their girlfriend or because they can't clean, cook, or pay bills themselves. Most young people nowadays fall in and out of love so fast that it makes their attorney's heads spin as their wallets get fatter. Weird how they can tell gay people they can't get married when they have yet to master the art their damn selves, huh?
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