cannot make bricks without clay (shes_unreal) wrote in metaquotes,
cannot make bricks without clay

Will we ever tire of politics?

kpmiller responds to a BBC article about how various world capitals responded to the election:

The roundup: Berlin and Paris: disappointed. Cairo and London: mixed feelings. Moscow and Beijing: mostly happy.

Why are Moscow and Beijing happy? Because this Republican president cares nothing for the internal affairs of other countries. The lie of Bush's "desire to liberate the world" becomes obvious when you realize that the main reason he maintains support from countries like Russia and Beijing is that he no longer even comments on their human rights abuses (China - generally/Tibet, Russia - Chechnya) or massive trade surplus with the US (China). Democrats have a pesky habit of having supporters who care about human rights and American jobs at times other than when making up excuses in order to get re-elected.
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