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A Saturday morning twofer.

So, y'all know I seem to have an itsy bitsy tiny liking for The Scissor Sisters, that I mention, oh, two or three thousand times a day.

Some of you may ask, "But why? Yes, the dancing, yes, the pop hooks, yes the inventive and refreshing blend of music that should never have been blended in the first place, yes, the almighty queerness of it all, but seriously, why?"

"Well," I would say to you. "Well, my child.

"They dressed up as Rocky Horror characters on Halloween.

"In concert.

"Put that in your pipe and gay it. I mean, smoke it."


-Wait, wait, I have an idea. For a game. It's called Legitimization.
-Eh? What's that?
-Find the crappiest, stupidest anime you can. Then write a critical film studies essay about it without referring to the actual title or other revealing details--you can substitute phrases like "Show X" or whatever instead. No wait, better yet, invent new names and use those. Right. Anyway, write the essay like the show doesn't actually bite, like you graduated with a degree in this stuff. You know what kind of impenetrable, masturbatory prose I'm talking about...
-But dude, this game already exists. It's called Academia.
-Yeah. It's been around forever. I've never managed to win on Expert level, though.
-That's okay, I've got another game.
-It's called Sandwiches.
-Does it involve eating slices of bread stacked with coldcuts?
-Cool. Let's play sometime.

--tom_kiper, talking to herself again
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