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And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

Just a couple more

(I know, I know. It's Friday, I'm bored. I'll probably be silent all weekend, don't worry. ;)

See, the thing is, every bad guy needs his good guy. What's Joker without Batman? What's Ahab without Moby Dick? What's Angelus without, um, Angel? What's Sauron without -- well, Frodo, I guess, or Aragorn, or maybe all Nine Walkers? (OK, so the answers are, in order: laughing every minute, sane and fully limbed, guilt-free and full of job satisfaction, and the vicious ruler of all Middle-Earth ha ha ha ha, but you take my point.)

-- thefourthvine

But this story teaches us an important lesson, namely: even if you are going the teenager route with the jealousy, don't hit someone who's made of metal, 'cause that way lies pain. Embarrassing pain.

-- thefourthvine (referring to an X-Men fanfic)

And can't...resist...metameta...

wonderbink: Oh, man... Reading that article on the evils of The Gay Agenda made me want to rush out and fuck a woman madly. Not just teasy little make-outy stuff like I've sometimes done with chicks but FULL ON RAGING LESBIAN FUCKING. And I'm really, really straight.

cacahuate: I know, doesn't it just make you wanna go be REALLY REALLY GAY out in the middle of the street or something?
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