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From yura's latest post:

</i>Anyway, completely and totally forgot to write about the dream I had last night.

The first thing you must know is that a lot of my dreams take the form of a (rather twisted) movie or TV show, complete with actors, commercial breaks, and ending credits. This one was no different.

It was this anime show starring a teenage guy and girl who were desperately in love. Her family was cool with it, but his parents were evil and would do anything to keep the two apart.

So, one day the guy brings the girl over for dinner, hoping to persuade his parents that she wasn't going to ruin his life.

His mom, ever the bitch, insists that the girl 'help' with dinner. In the end, the girl ends up making the whole thing. Then over the the meal she tries to make pleasant chit-chat, only to be insulted by his parents again and again.

It goes on like this for a while, and then it gets kind of fuzzy. Somehow the girl manages to prove her worth to his parents, and they accept the girl and the relationship.

The movie or whatever is winding down now. The girl invites the boy over to her house for dinner, where her family is waiting eagerly to meet him. They approach the house, hand in hand. The credits begin to roll. Aww... a happy ending.

Then a tiger explodes out of a second story window and mauls the boy to death.

The End.

...I love my dreams.</i>
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