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The truth about haggis in Scotland

Haggis-eating isn't nearly as common as people think; most Scottish families only eat haggis two or three times a week, and a growing minority don't even steal their own sheep. However, haggis rivalry is still a pretty big deal in rural areas, and the police tend to turn a blind eye to haggis blood feuds between the clans. For example, there's a traditional rite of passage whereby one will kill a man just to see him die, then pass it off as a haggis-related incident to fool the police. (In the cities, this quaint custom has been somewhat bastardised in recent years—it's now more common to kill a man for his Reeboks, then pass it off as an argument about football.)

- huskyscotsman's response to the question, "Is haggis-eating as common as the rest of the world believes? Do families closely guard their haggis recipes from one another?"
The backstory on this:

On of my friends, fourcoffees, declared it Faraway Countries Day and so he and many of my friends from various countries and I invited people to ask questions about where we live. My post on it is here, which lists all the friends who participated (and their respective locales: Austria, Bangladesh, Australia, Israel, Alaska, and Botswana).

Most of our replies were fairly serious, though UFOs and PUFOs and elves did come up in conversation. The best facetious reply, by far, was huskyscotsman's response to the above question.
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