Runnin' down a dream (kajivar) wrote in metaquotes,
Runnin' down a dream

On the questionable sexuality of hobbits:
Please. In Return of the King, the scene where they're all jumping on the bed and you SWEAR Gimli is going to jump in with them? SO GAY. There is nothing wrong with it. There's a lot of love there! Let them be their happy little gay hobbits-ey selves! The elf loves the dwarf, and the hobbits all love each other! It's no big deal! Seriously, I'm not even a SLASHER and I think they're gay! There's a big neon gaydar sign blinking off and on right above all of their heads reading 'Hi there! We're hobbits and we're gay! Call this number and ask us how!' THEY'RE THAT GAY!
-- sache in a locked post, quoted with permission
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