April 16th, 2014

SciFi, amused, mischievous, silly
  • cmzero

*applies paddles to the community* LIVE, DAMMIT, LIVE!

From (who else?) ursulav, trying to get directions to a falcon's nest:

BOB: It's an overpass. You'd go under it, right? Except you don't. Don't go under it. There's a frontage road, right? You know how they love their frontage roads here in Texas. Go on for miles. Every on ramp is like a mile long. They love 'em.
URSULA: We've noticed.
BOB: But not this one. It's short. Up to the bridge. Which doesn't go anywhere.
TINA: Does it just...end...?
BOB: Sorta. Anyway, you take the frontage road and then you turn left and go over the bridge that doesn't go anywhere--
URSULA: *has horrifying visions of the rental car hurtling off a cliff with Tina yelling "DO YOU SEE A FALCON!?" as we plummet to our deaths*

Context is into hardcore bird-watching.