October 21st, 2013

hearts in canada 2

Green Thumbs.

londonbard waxes poetic on the joys of gardening. QWP.

"50 Shades of Fuchsia"

Clippers and nippers
and neat cross-wired braces,
keeping the branches
tied into their places,
gauntlets to deal
with the plants
that have stings
these are a few
of a gardener's things.

Hatchets and ratchets
and saws that cut meanly
little paint-brushes
to pollinate cleanly,
scalpels and duct-tape
are used in the craft
some kinds of roses
are really hard graft!

Greenfly may bite
There's some dry blight
but my hard work shows.
There's so many ways
one can ... discipline... plants
that only a gardener knows!

Context is seeking a controlling relationship with a delicate flower.