February 27th, 2013

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I Fought the Law (School)...

dungeonwriter versus ableism in higher education, Round Umpteen:

My favorite was one official decrying the lack of lawyers with disabilities. It took GREAT effort for me not to laugh in his face. "Because your policy is to make their lives so miserable that they are telling others to not even try it. The accommodations require a maze of confusing, redundant, poorly planned nonsense. Getting help requires self advocating as a full time job."

"Well, I'm sure if they wanted it enough."

So I said "We're about the same height. Could you fetch me that book on the high shelf?"

"No. But let me get a chair."

"No no. No accommodations. I'm sure if you wanted it enough, you could reach it."

And then walked away. I needed a root beer to calm down.

Context friendslocked and QWP. (And I would so have sprung for that root beer, too.)