November 27th, 2012


What?!? no Black Friday hordes of shopping zombies?

aesa worked small business retail on Black Friday:
Come to think of it, do you really ever see any of the little mom-and-pop places advertising HUGE! BLACK FRIDAY!! SAVINGS!!! ? I really can't think of any. It's always these big-box places shilling their out-dated third-tier overstock electronics for 60% off and free locks of Justin Bieber's hair with every purchase. Why? Because they're big, they can buy in huuuuuuuge bulk quantities, and they have enough other merchandise to help cover their loss-leaders. They have deeper pockets, so they can afford to throw more stale bread at you in the hopes that you'll paddle over and dabble-kiss them with your beak.

Context says customers across the board weren't dabble-kissing much this year.

Flocked, QWP
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