August 19th, 2012


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In a post on sf_drama, lost_garnet proposes a homeschooling schedule for snarkees:

8 am : Math on Shiny Goldplated Calculator
9 am : English Literature Read Aloud By Jeremy Irons with Backing String Quartet
10 am : 99 Utensils But a Butterknife Ain't One - Dining Etiquette in High Society
11 am : Dressage Lesson with Uncle Mitt
12 pm : Lunch (to be served in the Palm Room - Confit of Duck with Fennel Puree & Roasted Aubergines and Saffron Souffle.)
1 pm : Guest-Lecturer Julian Fellowes on Poor People - How to Identify & Avoid Them
3 pm : Art - Papier-Mache Bald Eagles made out of 100 dollar bills and watered-down Elmer's glue which was bought specifically for Mommy's little Piddums AND NO ONE ELSE.
4 pm : The lowering of the American flag and singing of the school song (Money (That's What I Want)) will be followed by light refreshment (champagne and caviar) served in the conservatory.

Context hates segregation based on income inequality and Roseart crayons.
Worm in Ass: Let It Be

Needful things

doublecheese warns "We are up to Expendables 2, now.  I am going to spoil it for you. (...)

Almost everyone you can imagine is already in there.  But time and gravity are doing things to necks and jaw lines.  It is like watching an aquarium full of turtles.  Except the turtles all have guns

The eyes of the Context are upon you, turtles.