May 30th, 2012

Not impressed

Gillpolack is basking in the glow of her own radiance

I had so much happening yesterday that I didn't tell you about my bus ride. This was very negligent of me.

People were staring at me on the way to work. I was too tired to wonder much, so I just let them get on with it. About halfway there I remembered I had fluoresced the day before. I also remembered that the bus had fluorescent lights, it being after dark. I looked down at my hands and lo, I was glowing, faintly.

I'm afraid I spent the last few minutes of the bus ride analysing the glow and working out all the ways that glow-in-the-dark characters in movies are wrong. My twenty minutes of pretending I was a stray deity mixing with the hoi polloi are now lost, forever, not utilised.

- Context is brightening up everyone's day