May 21st, 2012

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Why padparadscha was late to work:
DAD: Hey, Amelia!
ME: Aaaagh! Don't come in! I am in a state of undress.
DAD: Fine, I'll holler through the door. But I need an opinion.
ME: I believe that the Star Wars prequels detract from George Lucas's original commitment to mythicism and remove the mystique of Darth Vader, and therefore do not count.
DAD: I need an opinion on the window in our back door.
ME: I'm for it!
DAD: Just put on some pants or something and come see.

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From the comments:
beccastareyes: Oh, Internet. So much more useful when you are actually looking for sex or copyright infringement. Or pictures of adorable animals.
padparadscha: If only all problems could be solved with cartoon character porn, it'd be the only source of information we'd ever need.

Context may have been raccoons. And/or cephalopods.