May 6th, 2012

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Covering your ASS.

zellieh's new (non-gendered) term for those Amazingly Super-Special fictional characters:

Dear Authors,

I understand you want to make your character(s) Amazingly Super-Special -- but try to keep them human-scale, please?

You say your A.S.S. is the only A.S.S. in the world, and the most powerful A.S.S. born for a thousand-million years?

Goodbye, Dramatic Tension -- I'll miss you! Enjoy your holiday, and take the useful, competent Ensemble Cast with you -- it's not like the author's A.S.S. needs them now! Might as well take the Villain(s) with you as well -- they're just decoration at this point!

... I really don't think laughter's the reaction you were aiming for, dear author, when you proudly unveiled your A.S.S.

Context, despite being twelve, inspires some fruitful discussion.
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