April 15th, 2012

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From a post in sounis about shapely fantasy heroines cross-dressing as boys without being discovered:

aged_crone: Well, it kind of depends on how they've described the heroine beforehand, I'd say. "Esmeralda undulated out the ballroom, her voluptuous curves barely contained by the tight, skimpy gown she wore; her delicate features and beestung lips driving every man in the room half-mad. Determined to go on the quest, she hurried to her room, picked up a convenient knife, whacked off her hair, and threw on the boys' clothes she had stolen from one of the servants. She went back down to the ballroom. "Hello, my name's Mike. I'm twelve. Can I come along on your quest?" "Why, of course you can, lad. Glad to have you along. Let's leave now, before Esmeralda comes back and tries to convince us to take her with us."