February 14th, 2012

  • caprine

Oh, Algernon always wants to play the Flagellant

whswhs is musing about the origin of RPGs:
Over at the Steve Jackson Games newsgroups, someone envisioned an alternate history where roleplaying games were invented earlier and by someone famous. So I started thinking about likely inventors, focusing on groups of writers, such as the Inklings, or the Bronte sisters. And then I hit on the Pre-Raphaelites, what with their preoccupation with medieval romance and chivalry and legends, and my title just jumped into my head. . . .

notthebuddha: Arguably, LARPing originated with the Hellfire Clubs of the previous century....

whswhs: Oh, now that suggests an even more amusing possibility: The rpg is invented in the French salons of the late 17th century. All those aristocratic women form circles to narrate the adventures of warriors and enchanters, in the wittiest and purest language possible, of course.
QWP. Context is rolling up a cicisbeo.