January 23rd, 2012

If the last one happens, we want video.

neadods has been having A Month:

For the record, 2012 is not being much more promising than 2011. Today alone, I:
... was an hour late to work
... because of the freezing rain and sleet. (I'm normally a morning person, but when the weather's bad, I don't budge from the house until the sun is up and I can see what's going on!)
While driving I discovered that the floral/chemical stench that was choking me thT I thought might be windshield washer fluid leaking into the car...
...was my new deoderant. I've had to deal with the fresh scent of Nuclear Fallout Spring all day.
Oh and when I got to work I:
... had to call the hospital billing office to contest a bill from the surgery last September
... and call back when my cell phone died the true death in the middle of the resolution.
Tonight I'm roasting a chicken for a friend of mine who's about to face her own minor surgery. At this rate, I fully expect it to either explode in the oven or come back to zombie afterlife and chase the cats around.

Context is QWP in entirety; no videos yet.