January 10th, 2012

Winged Shinigami

Interpersonal relationships among the elements

jessicamariek explains part of the difference between 'hard' science and 'soft' science.

Na plus Cl will, almost always, equal table salt.

Na cannot decide that Cl has been pulling less than his weight in the relationship, and so Na doesn't want to get together with Cl tonight to show him what a moron he's being and how much he'll miss her. And Cl can't go "No way, man, the game's on in ten minutes, I don't have time for reactions!" and then Ca comes in to let Na cry on her shoulder while she's secretly thinking of stealing Cl away because he's got really sexy outer shells, while Cl and his crazy buddy F go get drunk with the other halogens and pick up runaway electrons at the bar.

Context advises us that Sheldon Cooper is not a good benchmark for inter-disciplinary relations.