October 13th, 2011

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ellenel13 muses on a fanfiction dilemma...

Yeah, I've noticed that too. Ron Weasley says mom instead of mum? Fic ruined.

Someone complains about Kurt Hummel babbling about lifts and flats? Well, they're just American oppressors trying to force innocent Brits into Americanizing their language.

Context isn't sure whether it's a flashlight or a torch...
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kita0610 learned some new things about arts and crafts.

Yes, in fact, gorilla glue really WILL seal your fingers together. Also, it will seal your fingers to card stock, card stock to your desk, and your craft project to the carpet. Trying to pry anything sealed with gorilla glue loose requires acetone. Acetone ruins your manicure. Occasionally, in the process of removing gorilla glue, you will also remove your fingerprints. I am ready for a life of crime.