August 22nd, 2011


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Over on fanficrants, a typo is noticed:
captain_emily: "I'm certain that you mean 'Morse code', but 'Norse code' brings up a mental image of Thor using Mjolnir to tap out messages on the heads of angry frost giants, and that's kind of awesome. It's too bad this isn't a Marvel or mythology fic."

astra_aurora: "Heheheheheheheh. Norse Code sounds like a Scandinavian death metal band, I have to admit. But now I'm getting mental images of Thor and Balder playing chess by Norse code, and both of them cheating by deliberately misunderstanding the other's movements."

full_metal_ox: "Actually, Thor and Balder are both playing perfectly honestly--or so they think; the problem is that Ratatosk is relaying the moves. (This was, of course, Loki's idea; he's running the betting pool and selling popcorn.)"
Context is collecting golden chess-pieces from the grass.