May 12th, 2011

Avienne by Kasune

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Over at fanficrants , chikkiboo  learns that reading only the bolded parts doesn't always summarize posts that are too long to bother reading in-depth:

So I skimmed your novella and read only the words you bolded and italicized for emphasis, assuming, naive as I was, that this would help me get a brief, at-a-glance understanding of what your problem was.

I got this:

How weep innumerable don't DONE TO DEATH DITTO nothing damned beautiful angelic looking. And the result? Everyone not beautiful angelic choirboy a handsome fairy tale prince on a white horse most not a single fandom how fucktard infant baseless daft canonically canonically bisexuality more identical crossdressing overkill. Canonically excruciatingly OOC. And really wouldn't in character along tantrum VERY CLOSET HOMOOPHOBES Queen/Wife/Bride. Polluted clearly begin wrong hell YES same not not. Canonically fuck Prince Consort/Husband Groom? Ironically canonical two fathers regressive actually all but clearly you that's canonically not are not millions husband wife think other any throughout himself single whimsical parameters you cannot PRINCE CONSORT. Least research is always would same sex royal protocol abruptly obscure parameters pathetic utopia boy. No this point overcome teach wonderful boy. WHY need mock relapse reinstate gender stereotypes? Deep rooted flaws YES NO canonically. No drastically without predictably brainless this fantasy revolt. No real me offended imagine ten. Yes already NOT fantastic already refuses refuses boy NOT will dude deafening every NO gorgeous adorably. And reasons/justification/motives YES! Bother LET'S GO ENDORSE THE MOST REGESSIVE [sic] AND INANE CLICHE THAT EXISTS IN YAOI adorable and truly hope nobody assuming will awesomeness

I have no idea.

Context is, quite frankly, a bit of a mess.