March 24th, 2011

Uncle General Iroh

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renshai ponders the likely contents of a mystery box:

Mum sends packages by bus pretty often, since it's cheaper than post for anything bigger than express envelopes. They're usually shoebox sized.

The box Break came home with was not.

Baffled, Break hauled it downstairs to my apartment, and we both sat there for a bit, trying to decide what she could possibly have sent that needed that big a box. Had she finally gotten fed up, and sent us Dad?

Context is set for caffeine now.
liberty weeps

cluegirl may need a spot on The Daily Show

I have figured out the single phrase-description of all that is wrong with American Politics.

All that's wrong with the GOP, Democratic party, Tea Party, Every elected official in the last thirty years; The trouble with American politics today is all the GODDAMNED RICK-ROLLING!

They promise We'll tackle unemployement! Create more jobs! Balance the budget! Get spending under control! And when you click on them, you wind up with the same damned songs they've been singing all along -- sing it along with me now, "Never gonna let you up, never gonna trickle down, never gonna turn around, or help you! Never gonna let you wed, cause of who is in your bed, and if any sperm gets dead, I'll waste you!"

Context goes qwipp, and is tired of the meme!