February 17th, 2011

ides of march


ironychan is marking exams:

What was Rome's first Legal Code? The Twelve Towers. The Res Republica. The Lexus Romani. A lot of people wrote "The" and then left the space blank. The 12 Tablets of Justinian. The 12th of December. The Lex Hotexia© (yes, © and all). The Codex Romanus. The Table of Twelve. The Pax Romanum. Hannibal's Law Code 151. And, of course, Do Not Murder.

What does 'pomoerium' mean? Weakness? Gathering Place? Foot soldiers? Proper moral behavior? Power? Children? Province? Road? General? Strength? Is it "the opposite of imperium"? Is it "the thing carried by lictors"? Assembly? Pomegranate? "Plumber (as in I can feel it in my plumbs)"? Family? A Degree of the senate? The name of the gens? THE POWER OF POMEGRANATES (CAPSLOCK original)? No, no, clearly, it is my favourite, and this is repeated verbatim: "it is a small show dog, that walter has in The Big Lebowski".

Context, QWP.