January 12th, 2011

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apocalypsos tells us the right way to teach your kids about gay people:

"When your kid asks, "What does gay mean?", you do not have to explain Stonewall and the prostate and scissoring and strap-ons and bathhouses in the '70s and the dress code at gay pride parades and the Scissor Sisters and manscaping and the proper spelling of 'come' and fisting and Liberace and Bravo and leather chaps and why straight women like watching gay porn and Ellen Degeneres's wedding pictures and why it's so idiotic that The Bold And The Beautiful is set in the fashion industry and yet doesn't feature a single gay guy.

What you DO have to explain is that people are like ice cream. Some people like vanilla. Some people like chocolate. And some people like fudge ripple. And some people don't like ice cream at all."

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