January 11th, 2011

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marlenemcc posts about the NWS advisory for the Northeast:

"The National Weather Service has issued a OH MY GOD IT'S FUCKING NEW ENGLAND PEOPLE Warning. People currently in the New England area for the next 24-48 hours should grow a set and deal with a little snow or move and stop bitching about it. Also people who have not been born and raised in New England or those who are dumb enough to try and drive in the storm should STAY INDOORS drink milk and eat toast."

That's pretty much all of it. Context has a couple fun comments though. :)

Quoted with permission.
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anivad is watching TV.

It's some travel program. I wtf-ed at the narrator's lament about how China is getting increasingly devoid of 'Chinese culture' and becoming more urbanised and modern.

Every time I hear things like that I get tempted to lament how Americans no longer ride on horseback in the streets.

The West has no monopoly on modernisation, guise.