July 30th, 2010

internet (by et13_icons)

In ontd_political, kyra_neko_rei remarks on Anonymous versus the Tea Party...

4chan is sorta like your across-the-street-and-two-doors-down neighbor's big loud vicious dog---you don't like its barking and you don't go over to your neighbor's house unless there's something really good in it for you, but when your racist, homophobic, greedy, nasty, self-righteous and pestilent three-doors-the-other-way neighbor decides to poke it with a stick and it jumps the fence and chases him down the street tearing the seat out of his pants, you're gonna love the show.

Context does not forgive. Context does not forget.
Silver Dragon

There is still hope.

From overheardinmelb, omegamorningsta heard the following:

Grandad and grandson (who is about 5 and cute as a button) are on the train:

Grandad: "Everyone likes football, except pooftas"
Mr5: "Dont be silly grandad, mark loOOooooves football!"
Grandad: "Who is Mark?"
Mr 5: "John's boyfriend!"
Grandad (after pause..): "What.. your brother John?!"
Mr 5 (looking at his grandfather as though he's a total idiot) "Yeah, Duh.."

Me, quietly, to myself: "hahahaahha, this gives me hope!"

QWP. Context: Making Melbournites smile.
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