May 28th, 2009

oh snap screaming ninjas

queers: we're kind of like supervillains, in a way....

Watch out, world. the_dark_side has a plan:

I propose we start accepting responsibility for every kind of disaster for which we get blamed in the future.

Earthquake? We got out there and MOVED those fucking techtonic plates until no building was safe.

Hurricane? We learned how to fly and built our own damn weather pattern full of AWESOME, SWIRLING, DESTRUCTIVE POWER.

Tornado? See above, only in the middle of the fucking midwest, which is a feat in and of itself just to infiltrate.

Flood? We spent all night digging that damn flood plain and pouring even MORE water into that river.

Downfall of Western Civilization? ALL US, GUYS. ALL US. We're just that powerful and will NOT apologize.

Maybe THEN we'd get some fucking respect from these people who don't seem to think we deserve any kind of right given to all those normal, straight people, because we're unnatural and clearly going to hell for this.

Or, possibly, they'd just learn to FEAR us and give us those rights out of sheer terror. It's a win, either way.

Context is, like much of the comm it's in, locked. Quoted with permission.
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Under Pressure

nwhepcat tells a car salesman to back off:

I don’t send my friends to businesses where I get the hard sell. So I’m not sure you want to continue working with me if you have to change your sales style, but I do not respond well to pressure tactics.

I’m buying a car, I’m not Jack Bauer.

Context likes to test drive.