May 19th, 2009

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microrave on what she hates:

"I'm an insomniatic."
"Part of bein' a teenager."

"I can't even breathe."
"Part of bein' a teenager."

"I think I'm going to faint."
"Part of bein' a teenager."

"I just got kindapped by small green men via transporter beam, raped, and dropped in Texas."
"Part of bein' a teenager."

Context; permission pending.

Screw your Llama, I want an Alpaca!

scien talks about the new family pet that's more fun a bad case of crabs:

"The drama llama is cute, but very high maintenance. Once it's followed you home it is very difficult to get rid of completely. It will remember where you live and attempt to pay you regular visits whether you want it to or not. I advise against drama llama ownership, life's just too short."

Context is locked and QWP.

Literary commentary

liamstliam: This reminds me somewhat of Laurell K. Hamilton's approach when people criticized the direction of her books after No. 8 ("Anita Jumps The Shark").

catnip13: Wait, I don't remember a shark ... Leopards, wolves, dead guys. I think I would have remembered the wereshark.

Context is about Neil Gaiman's comment on George R. R. Martin's entitlement-driven fans.