May 18th, 2009

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Urban sprawl

cell23 encounters Houston for the first time.

This city is TOO DAMN BIG.

See, on the East Coast, we mostly build UP when we need more room. Build a skyscraper, because you sure ain't gonna spread out laterally. Everything's so tight-packed out East that there's no possibility of urban sprawl.

Houston, on the other hand, sprawls across the landscape like a lazy and possibly overweight cat in a July sunbeam. It is shameless. Literally, during descent to landing, I thought to myself "oh no no, that's ridiculous, clearly it's got to go."

Also, while I have seen very little of the city itself on the personal scale, I'd like to posit that only 90% of the people here are pudgy gentlemen wearing tan sportcoats, bolo ties, white ten gallon hats to cover massive baldness, and a constantly-lit cigar (yes, you wear them, shut up). This is a step down from the 110% estimate previously held.

Off to put coffee in me, which, given my location, I suspect will contain at least marginal traces of beef and/or barbecue sauce. Pray for Mojo.

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I <3 God, sheepie

The theme to the LJDQ was "Bull," and these resulted in the answers

ljdq Answers end up getting some fantasitcally hilarious stand alone quotes this go round!

"I never saw a bright blue ox, I never hope to see one/But from the colour of this milk, I know that there must be one." - lovefromgirl

"so let's see if I have this right, Johnny Appleseed planted all the trees and Paul Bunyan ran around cutting them down? is that the deal?" - jenny_1981

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Apologies to TMBG. Or not.

In ontd_political, mhael comments with a tune that explains the state of the union in understandable terms:

Partisan-Man, Partisan-Man...
Doin' the things a Partisan can.
What's he like- it's not important.
Is a cock? Or a talking head?
When he's in politics does he sling mud?
Or does the mud sling him instead?
Nobody knows; Partisan-Man.

Emanuel-Man, Emanuel-Man...
Emanuel-Man hates Partisan-Man.
They have a fight; Emanuel wins.

President-Man, President-Man...
Workload the size of the universe Man.
Usually kind to smaller man, President-Man.
He's got a watch with an executive hand,
Legislative hand, and judicial hand,
and when they meet it's a happy land!
Powerful man; President-man.

Republican-Man, Republican-Man...
Hit on the head with an Election pan.
Scared to death of President-Man
Is he depressed, or is he a mess?
Does he feel totally worthless?
Who feels bad for Republican-Man?
Degraded man; Republican-Man.

Emanuel-Man, Emanuel-Man...
Emanuel-Man hates Republican-Man.
They have a fight; Emanuel wins.

QWP. Baby's got sauce.
(misc) belle gaston face swap

A girl belatedly realizes Zachary Quinto played both Sylar and Young Spock.

lukeyloves: IIRC the guy who plays old adult Spock guest-starred in that monorail episode of The Simpsons??

springandsummer: See, and I keep seeing his head in a jar. One of them animated drawing shows, only about biting a robot's shiny metal ass? Future-whatsit? It'll come to me eventually.

shaysdays: I've heard of this show... I remember the artwork was similar to the Simpsons- think they're related?

3371 no, you're thinking of family guy

shaysdays: That's the one with the alien and the talking Nazi goldfish, right?

3771: the nazi goldfish was what's-it-called, with jerry somethingfeld. you know, the guy that did the voice of the main character in bee movie.

nmdrkangl: Oh.. you mean Clark Kent.

shaysdays: No, I think he means Cousin Larry.

Edited at 2009-05-18 11:13 am (local)

nmdrkangl: Don't be redikulos!

damnit.. you edited!

shaysdays:I thought about keeping the typo, too! LOL.

Must be pretty good stuff, this... spackle.

nmdrkangl: it wasn't a typo! it was an accent!

spockle? is that how he keeps the ears on?

3771: nah, that's vulcanized glue.

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K-Box cartoon


ontd_political discusses Dell's sexist "Della" site for women:

anandrine: Dear Dell: I have never used my pink Dell laptop to look up recipes, diet tips, or workout regimes. Just sayin'.

excusemesenator: because you're too busy making me MY GODDAMN SANDWICH, ISN'T THAT RIGHT BITCH?

anandrine: This is my sandwich, step off.

I was using it to shop for lingerie, though, like any good woman.

excusemesenator: You were using a sandwich to shop for lingerie?

God, maybe you women DO need this website.
Context prefers the pot roast, personally.