May 14th, 2009

chi is annoyed
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"The Beast Remembers"

a_hollow_year has invoked the displeasure of her dog:

Ammy tore the crap out of her paw pads while tearing down the street today. Her paws have been disinfected and bandaged. She's... not fond of those bandages. They make her walk rull funny. I must admit I giggled.

And now she waits.

Waits for me to slumber.

Hot or not?

A conversation on what's sexy devolves, of course into video games. calenture puts it in perspective for us:

Any time I'm playing any Star Wars game, if I'm given the option I will only use purple lightsabers. I just don't feel like I'm getting the full Jedi experience unless I can assault my enemies with the Pimp Side of the Force.

The Force is strong with Context.

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