May 13th, 2009

The Ayaks (Russian: АЯКС, Ajax)

drbunsen posts in food_pill about a new Russian supersonic jet that makes all the other supersonic jets jealous:

Now go read about all the crazy tech that's being thrown into it, like the "Magneto-plasmo-chemical engine". It has a plasma generating friken laserrr just to scare the air in front the hell out of the way. COMING THROUGH, ATMOSPHERE! STAND ASIDE!!

It goes so fast, it cracks water into H2 and O2 by the power of sheer awesome - AND THEN BURNS IT TO GO FASTER!!!

Flocked, QWP.

Warning- context has someone in stitches. And not in the haha way.

I was cutting an avocado with a butcher knife (it was the only clean one, and I was running late... I R SMRT) and it slipped.

It's kind of funny, my husband tried to convince me that we could just slap some butterfly bandages and/or liquid stitches on it and I'd be OK. I bundled my finger in a wad of towels and we went to CVS and bought a bunch of crap. We came home and I opened up the towels... my husband's exact words, said very calmly, were: "I am no longer confident that we can fix this ourselves."

bitterwinters gives everyone the finger. P's been Q'd.
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wasting stuff

evangoer: It annoys me when someone refers to an unwanted electronic communication as a “waste of electrons.”

poeticalpanther: This.

Everyone knows it’s a waste of pixels.

Fine, Belgian-mountain-grown pixels, picked by only the cleanest of day labourers, transported on the backs of Belgium's beautiful native komodo unicorns, before being slow-roasted over a terminal-velocity-powered furnace.

Context does not like misuse of words.