May 8th, 2009

HG/SS: Stirring Rod

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jessicala has a proverbial bun in the oven:

I also think he thinks that if he just pushes hard enough with his feet, my uterus will magically get big enough for him to stretch out fully. Somehow I don't think it works that way. But what do I know? I've never made a human before.

Context is a Von Neumann machine. QWP.
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Good to know.

In this post by frames_in_aria (who, btw, is not a native speaker of English), a word of advice:

Even though the voice on the end of the line sounded like your little brother, do not ever say, "Wait up, I'm zipping my pants. I just came from the bathroom." Because, it might not be your brother, it might be the home appliance repair service from Toshiba.