May 4th, 2009


krakenwakes has an epiphany:

Why is Torchwood such utter pants? Simple, it's a P. G. Wodehouse story which they keep ruining with extraneous aliens. The plot is meant to go...

Handsome but vapid Jack Harkness gets into a dashed difficult situation when impossibly gloopy policewoman Gwen, (she thinks that aliens just need a hug and that the stars are god's daisy chain) misinterprets his constant following her around as a sign of unstinting devotion, when in reality he is just trying to steal her hat. Can newt fancying halfwit Owen Harper be persuaded to propose to her? Fortunately Jack's faithful and brainy valet, Ianto Jones - he eats a lot of fish, hence the smell - is at hand to smooth matters over. Even he, however may not be able to cope with the machinations of 'Tosh' Sato who requires her uncle's consent in order to be able to marry the curate, who has just been converted to a cyberman and is up before the bench at Bosher Street magistrates on a charge of stealing Gwen's helmet.
-- Context is above the govenment, through the police and beyond a joke

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Some person decides to randomly flame someone on a bad-customer-related community. elffin passively relatiates:

"Hello, I am a representative of the Norwegian Cultural Preservation Committee of LiveJournal. We recently began leveraging royalty fees on those who troll. As you may know, Trolls are a part of traditional cultures touched by the Norwegian culture. In order to ensure proper trolling, we request that you return under your bridge and await nightfall, or at the very least an overcast day."

Context is a part of traditional culture.
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Overfiend decor

tacit spies a rather unusual light fixture:
This is a lamp for people who really, really, really love their Japanese tentacle porn. This is a lamp that would, were it not chained down, be able to fuck half a dozen schoolgirls in every available orifice simultaneously, without breaking a sweat.

This is the lamp you'd see in the main foyer of a Japanese tentacle demon's house, assuming they had houses (which they don't) and used chandeliers (which they also don't). This lamp is not so much a source of illumination as it is a tribute to Legend of the Overfiend and La Blue Girl wrought in extruded glass and electricity. This lamp is the stuff of nightmares, or perhaps of erotic dreams if Hentai tentacoo wape is your thing. Merely sleeping under this lamp opens a doorway to Realms Beyond, filled with unspeakable horrors desiring to do unspeakable things to nubile flesh.

I think I want it.

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