May 2nd, 2009

Giselle - in the throng
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While everyone else is worried about swine flu, pattyfeirreira's father is thinking of the benefits.

lmfao my dad thinks I have swine flu. he's so nuts it's so amazing. STILL, HE'S NOT WORRIED AT ALL. HE THINKS I'LL DIE WITH STYLE.

context is ready for her close-up

I can has butthurt?

splatterhouse, on one of the most common internet 'problems':

"My stance on this is, and always has been: not a goddamned person other than yourself is responsible for your special snowflake sensibilities. Something offends you? Great. Don't watch/view/listen to/look at it. Accidentally see it somewhere? Go nurse your wounds by yourself or with like-minded friends - no one else gives a fuck about your butthurt.

On the other hand, I do absolutely believe that if you post something publicly you lose all rights to moderate the commentary to only what you want to hear. If someone hates it, they're perfectly within their rights to say so - but conversely, you and anyone else are perfectly within your rights to call that person a pansy-assed whiner. :D"

Context is a bit of a mixed bag (QWP)
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self; took an axe

Incorporated Sidewaysism!

coniferous_you sums up religion and the lack thereof:

I think MY metaphysical ideology is like a daycare where the floor is a little slanty. Some of the kids are kind of sad that it's crooked and they just want to whine for their mom or dad to come and get them, and some kids have decided that their parents probably don't exist because they haven't seen them lately and seriously guys the floor is slanted.

But some kids don't know or whine or CARE when or if their mom or dad will come to get them ever BECAUSE HEY SLANTY FLOOR WHEEEEE

(Not!flocked, QWP.)
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