April 29th, 2009


Yes, Virginia; there is a state of "collective total idiocy".

m32446 in reply to this just-metaquoted post wishes to emphasize the point.

The most terrifying thing is the world is your religious studies prof standing in front of the class and very calmly telling you that half of the class has just fucked themselves by COPYING FROM WIKIPEDIA. Do not fuck with the man who knows 11 languages, half of them dead, and can scare the bejesus out of you in every one of them.

QWP, and that was all they wrote.
Futurama/Professor - Sweet Zombie Jesus

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apocalypsos is suffering from paranoia-induced pregnancy (or perhaps midichlorians):

Why am I watching I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant?

Show: "She only gained ten pounds."
Me: "Hey, I've gained ten pounds!"
Show: "She still got her period like normal."
Me: "OMG, I still get my period like normal!"
Show: "She didn't even feel any movement."
Me: "Holy Christmas, I never feel any movement either!"
Show: "And then she had a baby."
Me: *gapes*
My hymen: "Oh, sweetie ..."

That's all she wrote (Edited for OMG I HATE RICH TEXT)