December 29th, 2008

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When the legend of Chun Li Trailer hits ONTD, Kristen Kreuk fan prophecypro is prepared:

Well as the only Kreuk fan here, I was fearing this moment lol.
Oh well, no one was gonna see it anyway. So before the announcements of "Epic fail" "Bitch aint Chun Li" "Where the thighs" "She aint Chinese" "She ruined Smallville" "I hate Lana" and "Is that Britney on the soundtrack?" flow in, I'll just say this:
I've always been one to make the most out of little (Welfare though me so), so I guess what Im saying:

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li Party Posts anyone?
*Throws hands up in I dont know fashion*


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cobrasnaps. On LA.

“It's not even about Dave and the parties and the Sweet Mary Jane Fuck Fantasies of Hollywood-Sunset and Her Bejeweled Sex with Nipple Dreams and Hairy Wetness.”

Context wants a Full Metal Jacket.

ETA: Context locked; sorry, kids. Oh, and tis QWP.

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